Note: this business is now non-trading since January 2015, all contact details are now non-functional.

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Fossil Preparation

We prepare fossils to a museum quality standard. We are now offering a full set of fossil preparation services, including cut bases, air abrading, air penning and cut-and-polishing.

Advertised Prices

Cutting and Polishing £10.00 per hour
Cut Bases £3.00 each
Air Abrading £10.00 per hour
Air Penning £10.00 per hour

If you would like to send us a selection of good quality photographs of a specimen, from several angles, we can give you a no obligation quote. Any quotes we provide are subject to seeing and handling the specimen. You will be informed of turnaround times upon enquiring, which we aim to keep to 10 working days. Please send photographs to

Please read our terms and conditions with regards to items sent to us for preparation/processing.

Fossil Identification

We will identify fossils at no charge. We will need good quality photographs and dimensions, and if possible where the specimen originated. Please send photographs of specimens for identification to

We gratefully accept donations for this service.

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